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How Millennials Are Changing The Side Hustle Entirely

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Having been born in the early 80’s, I barely squeezed my way into the millennial bracket.

Like many people my age, I started my career after leaving college early and never looked back (or too far forward) – inching my way up the corporate ladder while pursuing side hustles along the way.

My fascination with business and entrepreneurship started at a very early age. I began by selling men’s watches out of my locker in high school, by partnering with an international wholesaler. And with no bills to pay, this was a solid stream of income.

From that point on, I was hooked on the hustle.

Years earlier, I skipped the lemonade stand all together.

Though I loved the margins I hated the amount of the average sale – not to mention the manual labor involved. The only exertion I was into at that age was playing street hockey until it was too dark to see the ball, and I had no choice but to go home.

During college, while equipped with sizeable student loans, I pursued a sales career in the telecommunications industry. When I landed the job, I left school.

Meanwhile, my side hustle aspirations grew, from co-founding an event marketing company to restaurant ownership further down the road.

The goal of the side businesses was obvious – to make more money. Because isn’t that why we hustle?

I used to think so.

The border separating Generation X and Millennials is an interesting place to be.

At the risk of oversimplifying, here’s one way I’ve come to describe how each have been brought up to view the synergy between career & life:

With Generation X, you have a demographic that has grown up believing that a good education will afford you a great job which will give you more money and ultimately, happiness.

With millennials, you have a demographic that understands doing something you’re passionate about will give you the fulfillment you need to make enough money and be truly happy.

This is not to say that all Generation Xers value education and career over purpose, nor that millennials follow a less structured path to happiness. It’s just how we were raised or conditioned to think.

This is also the reason why millennials get such a bad rap in the workplace. They typically value purpose and meaning over money and authority. Because of this, it’s more difficult for managers to motivate the millennial vs. the Generation Xer.

Millennials are changing the side hustle game. It’s no longer about making another dollar as it is about making a difference.

For those of us on the border of both generations, these different values can cause a conflict, or a perfect opportunity to bring them together.


Who is Side Hustle Mastery for?

A lot of people out there are like me, with one foot in Group X and one foot in Group M.

While the goal is to appeal to as many readers as possible, I believe that this site will resonate most with the following three groups of people:

  • Older millennials who are at a stage in their life where the internal battle between compensation and self-fulfillment is coming to a head.
  • Younger millennials who are focused on fulfilling their purpose in life, and filling their pockets too.
  • Generation Xers who’ve been stifling their inner voice pushing them towards a passion income, because of a long list of other important priorities.

This site isn’t just about side hustling. It isn’t just about entrepreneurship or making money.

Side Hustle Mastery is finding fulfillment in your life by doing meaningful work that ignites your personal fire and creates an income. It’s achieving both financial and personal goals by building something that actually propels you forward.

To get there, I’ll be sharing real success stories, workable side hustle ideas, and any tips I find along the way to make the transition from a 9 to 5 to a passion income easier to make.

My goal with this site is no different than the goal of the borderline millennial – to chart a path and shine a light at the intersection of purpose and profits.


And as best I can, help you maximize both.