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5 Keys To Achieving Side Hustle Mastery

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side hustle mastery

I’m going to hit you with the truth.

You’re spending more money than ever on rent, on avocados at the grocery store – hell, even your hairdresser is taking more money from your Visa which is faded from the constant swiping.

Your place hasn’t gotten bigger, the avocados still taste like, well, avocados, and your hair looks the same only slightly thinner. You’re also slightly more broke than ever.

Perhaps your 9 to 5 pays well enough but leaves you feeling lifeless. You’re looking for a way out, or at least something greater to look forward to.

Enter, the side hustle.

It’s the multiple streams movement; the journey to a magical place where people just like you turn passion into profits. Sound far-fetched?

Tell that to Pat Flynn, creator of the massively successful Smart Passive Income, who lost his job and turned to his side hustle to make ends meet. Today, he makes well over six figures each and every month. Think about that for a second.

Pat isn’t Superman (though some might disagree!). He wasn’t born with the ability to create dollars out of thin air and scale businesses like Spiderman scales buildings.

I think we can both agree, however, that he has absolutely MASTERED the art of the side hustle.

So what exactly is MASTERY anyway?

By definition, mastery is the “possession or display of great skill or technique”.

When I think mastery, I picture a Samurai warrior in the 1700’s, cloaked in a black kimono, entering a battlefield of 1000 men. He doesn’t stop to look at the others, swinging their swords in intimidation. Somehow he is deeply focused, present but not present, and void of any apparent emotion. Though this is his first battle, he has been here before, having prepared for and visualized this moment since he first picked up the sword.

How can someone be so calm, walking into what you or I may consider an unwinnable situation? It’s easy.

side hustle mastery Ultimately he knows that the battle has already been fought, through the days and the months and the years of getting to this field. This day is no different than the rest.

“Mastery is the path of patient, dedicated effort, without attachment to immediate results”. – George Leonard


In the Samurai’s case, the immediate results could quite literally be his death.

How does this relate to the side hustle?

I’m glad you asked. The most successful side hustlers, Pat Flynn included, have committed to mastering the process of building their businesses before considering or expecting the results. They’re never in it for a quick buck.

This journey-driven mindset will get you through the inevitable dark days, weeks, and even months. Embrace this and you’ll have a better chance of achieving your money making potential.

When considering the best hustle for you, ask yourself this. Can I see myself doing this in 5 years? If not, turn away. If yes, start today. Mastery starts here.

With that in mind, I’ve listed the 5 most critical keys to achieving side hustle mastery, to help you on your journey:

Key #1: Pinpoint Your Purpose.

If I were to ask you, why you’re embarking on a side hustle right now, how would you answer?

“I’m not making enough money!”

Or perhaps,

“I hate my job and wish I was doing something else”.

Both are good reasons, sort of. But neither one has anything to do with your purpose in business.

Now, how would you answer if a prospective client were to ask you that exact same question? My guess is you would have a completely different answer.

When pinpointing the purpose of your side hustle, what you’re doing is answering the “Why?” from a customer’s standpoint first. If your side hustle is social media management, your purpose might be “to increase revenue for full-service restaurants by gaining exposure to more customers through targeted social media marketing”.

If I was still a restaurant owner, I’d be listening.

Start by asking yourself, “who do I want to help, and why?”. Build your side hustle around this purpose, while making sure it aligns with your short and long term goals. And don’t forget to write these goals down.

NEXT STEP: Pinpoint your side hustle purpose. From there, you can create a mission statement (here are some great examples) that will guide your business, and tell customers & clients why they should work with you.

Key #2: Play To Your Passion.

So you’re passionate about making money? Great, I hear you. But don’t let this be the sole reason you start a side hustle.

The excitement of starting a business is incredible in month one, but what’s going to keep you going when things get a little more challenging down the road?

There will definitely be some parts of your hustle you don’t enjoy – you might not see that yet. Two things are going to help you through this – key #1 and making sure you are passionate about what you’re doing!

Take me, for instance.

I truly enjoy seeing people thrive and sharing any knowledge that can help people achieve business success. This gives me a massive rush! Hustling can get difficult, and I use this as the reason why I HAVE TO keep plugging through.

NEXT STEP: List out EVERYTHING you are passionate about, and narrow this down into a Top 3. Next, research to determine which passions you can profit from today. Are people currently spending money towards them? If the answer is yes, move forward.

Key #3: Focus Fully.

I know what you’re thinking. Focus fully, on my side hustle? Let me explain.

One of the biggest challenges to mastering a side hustle is a perceived lack of time.

There may only be a small window each day to work on your side business, or even less than that, but what’s important is utilizing that time to its full extent.

I get it. It’s hard to focus when your phone is going off with Facebook alerts and you’ve got your “day job” or your family on your mind. It’s natural for the mind to wander, but really, this kills your side hustle productivity.

I’ve found these two things have been a huge help for me in focussing fully no matter what time constraints I’m under:

1. The Mind Dump – This really works, and you can take 5 minutes or 20 minutes and achieve a similar effect. Grab a piece of paper, and write down everything that flys through your head. Literally. Every word, thought, or idea – scribble it down. When you’re done, crumple up that paper and throw it in the garbage. You should be ready to focus fully on your business immediately after.

2. Hiding The Phone – The average person spends 90 minutes per day on their smartphone, and I’d venture to say that at least half of this time is entirely unproductive. Trust me when I say you can live without your text messages & Twitter for a couple of hours. Put your phone in another room (with the ringer on), or if your hustle relies on using your phone, turn your notifications to silent.

NEXT STEP: Do a mind dump before working on your side hustle. Limit your distractions and commit to using your time as productively as humanly possible.

Key #4: Be Ready To Sacrifice.

If there’s one thing I can guarantee you in your journey, it’s this. There will come a time when you’d rather do something else, but your side hustle will need to win the battle for your time.

You’ve got work, your girlfriend/boyfriend, your family, your social life – and you’re doing your best to balance it all. Now, you’re throwing in your side business and you need to find a way to make this work.

Some will tell you it’s okay to compromise, but you should never have to sacrifice. In my experience, this just isn’t the case.

If you truly want to master your side hustle, expect that you will be “giving up” certain activities you enjoy in your life to make it happen.

Why are you doing this? Check back to Key #1 and #2.

NEXT STEP: Write down all of the activities you do on a daily and weekly basis. Put a star next to the ones that are must-do, and be prepared to cut out the bottom one or two on your list to make time to hustle.

Key #5: Relentless Action.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! The fifth and final key to this list is without question the MOST important. Relentless action. Act at all costs and don’t get stuck analyzing each and every move you’re about to make.

“Take Action! An inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intention”. – Dr. Steve Maraboli
“Knowing is not enough, we must APPLY. Willing is not enough, we must DO”. – Bruce Lee

Every successful side hustler took a step, whether they had carefully planned for it or not. Sometimes we focus way too much on the end game that we don’t even make it to the starting line.

NEXT STEP: Take Action.


Tell me about your side hustle in the comments below! I’d love to hear about the keys to your business, and whether or not this resource has helped you on your journey.





  • I find Key #3, to focus fully is a big help and a struggle to. When you work a full time job and have a side hustle that you are trying to grow it seems like there is a competition for your attention. I agree, with making your phone go MIA really helps you focus and get this done!

    This was a great article and it does seem we are passionate about helping others get their entrepreneur juices flowing. That is awesome! I look forward to reading your future posts!

    – Jennifer, Mind of a Serial Entrepreneur

    • Has

      Thanks for the comment Jennifer!

      Scheduling side hustle time, and actually letting those around us know that we are unavailable during that period can help too. I often find the side hustle is treated too much as such, but really it requires a greater dedication than the main gig – provided you’re looking to build something great! Not to be confused with moonlighting or jeopardizing the 9 to 5 of course!

      Yes, looks like we are aligned in helping others get their business goals off the ground! Thanks again for reading and commenting and I look forward to your posts as well!

      – Has, Side Hustle Mastery