Build a
1M+ Personal Brand
in 6 Weeks Without Quitting Your Job

In 10 years, EVERY successful entrepreneur will have a personal brand it’s inevitable. Creating a personal brand takes a lot of time – fortunately, we’ve built out a system that automates your personal brand workflow. Learn to create viral content, magnify using multiple platforms and build an affordable team that can output dozens of videos per week.

In my opinion, this is the ONLY way to build a personal brand in 2024.

My Personal Brand Journey

I began creating my personal brand back in 2018. I had zero following, zero successful businesses, and zero income from social media. All I knew was that building a personal brand would change my life – and I was determined to do it.


After two years, I found myself with 500,000 followers across my social media platforms and an income that far surpassed anything I had made before. And by the end of 2021, that audience grew to over 1 million people and I was making on average over $150,000 per month from my businesses, while only posting about 1 YouTube video per week. Pinch me, because I still don’t believe it some days.


If you’re wondering if this was easy – no it was not. It’s easy now, but I was struggling a lot back then. You see, I didn’t have any friends with personal brands and I didn’t have any mentorship. It was also entirely out of my comfort zone to put myself out there on the internet. But I forced myself out of my comfort zone, and along that journey, I documented everything I did to grow my brand.


So in the last 3 years,
a bunch of things happened

  • I realized I had a step by step formula for creating the perfect personal brand
  • I spent hundreds of hours of masterminding with other creators
  • I learned how to properly monetize any personal brand, small or large
  • I learned how to automate a personal brand such that it runs by itself, at a low cost
  • I realized that I could really help others, like you, be able to create your own personal brand, increase your income, and have a truly spectacular work life balance.

The step by step formula to a successful personal brand is simple in concept, but there are a lot of intricacies that can speed up (or slow down) your progress.

In summary, here is what you need to do:

Step 1 to create personal brand
Step 2 to create personal brand
Step 3 to create personal brand
Step 4 to create personal brand

Now, I guarantee that if you follow this formula, you will create a life-changing personal brand that will elevate EVERY aspect of your life: money, time, impact, and friendships. I believe in this system so much that I wish I could teach this at every university in the world.

The Challenges of Building a Personal Brand

Obviously, building a successful personal brand is hard, otherwise everyone would have one. I personally have faced each of these challenges but have found solutions to them all. That’s why I can run my personal brand content today with under 15 hours of work per week.

This scratches the surface of challenges you’ll face creating a personal brand. It seems overwhelming at first glance, but what if I told you that I can help you overcome all these obstacles? In fact, not only will you overcome these obstacles, you will scale higher than you ever imagined. The Personal Branding System I have created is an all-encompassing way to build influence effectively, without spending a lot of time, while maximizing your revenues and impact to your audience. It’s really the only way to build a personal brand in 2022 and I would love to help you take action on your dreams.
The Personal Brand Masterclass is a personalized online education experience where I teach you how to build a wildly influential personal brand in 6 weeks, without quitting your job or spending an obscene amount of time being an “influencer”. I will teach you step by step how to automate your social media channels, efficiently create content that can be repurposed, and help you build a consistent system driving views and new revenue streams. Over the last 3 years, I developed a system that I call the Content Creation Roadmap. With this system, you are able to generate consistent content that can be used on multiple platforms. This is the most efficient way to build a personal brand that can be automated, meaning you can focus on building your business in other ways.

I get that accountability can be tough for online courses – that’s why your enrollment comes with access to your own success coach, a member of my team that will personally hold you accountable and keep you on track.


You will also get the opportunity to have access to 6 months of group coaching sessions – these are monthly 60 minute video calls where I answer your questions in a Q&A format. I am a big believer in long term education and support (especially for something as complex as a personal brand), so it is important that you receive 1-on-1 interactions with me throughout the course of half a year.


If you follow the course curriculum over the course of the 6 weeks, you will create 5 YouTube videos, 14 TikTok Videos, 14 Instagram Reels, and 14 YouTube Shorts. You’ll learn how to personally create your content (extremely important), but also build a fully automated team that allows you to continue churning out content with under 4 hours a week of time. I will provide the framework you need to turn your personal brand into a smash hit that both inspires and makes millions.


I know it’s intimidating to get started, but Charlie’s advice is absolutely incredible. Not only can he help with getting your channel started and getting views/subscribers, but the one thing he helped me with that was an absolute game-changer was monetization. Right now I’m at 160k subscribers and I have every intention to blow past 1 million with his help!

One of the key tips I was able to take home was finding my niche. Charlie was always like “what’s your niche??” Once I was able to figure out who this character was, I was able to know, this is how she’s going to influence people, this is what’s going to make a difference. From there I was able to build a plan to utilize these social media platforms!


Building a personal brand is amazing because anyone with a mission to inspire others can do it.


You’re new to the world of social media and have not yet created much content, but understand the importance of building a personal brand. You plan to use your personal brand to inspire, build a new or existing business, and make more money. You probably follow other creators and have been inspired by their content, and wish to do the same for others.


This class will give you the blueprint to both start and grow your personal brand in hyperdrive mode. Not only will you become a master of filming and editing your own content, you’ll also leave with the ability to build a team for the future.

Established Influencers

If you already have a small to large following, you will still benefit greatly from this class. You’ll learn how to create and keep loyal fans, how to convert those fans over to paying customers, as well as how to streamline your content creation process. You already have the luxury of a fan base to build off of, but we will work together to hit the next level of growth. And more importantly, we will do this with fewer hours of work.


It is a no brainer if you already have a social media presence but want to monetize your audience more effectively. We have the potentially to turn a 10k audience into a 6 figure revenue source.

Entrepreneurs / Business Owners

You’re a busy entrepreneur that understands how impactful a personal brand will have on your business, but maybe you don’t have the time to devote 20+ hours a week. You might not have any social media presence, or you have a small to large following already. Whatever the case, you want the best return on investment for time spent and know that an automated personal brand will deliver HUGE results for your business.


A personal brand is your source for future organic traffic, and millions of dollars of free advertising. We will work together to give you the skills and blueprint to create a viral personal brand and turn it into a money generating business.


I want you to know that this class is not going to be for everyone. This course is not for you if:

Hard work will be expected, but the reward is so completely worth it. I am living proof that someone can go from zero following to creating a life-changing personal brand within the span of a few years, make millions of dollars doing so, and all while having the time of his life. That can be you too.

What I CAN guarantee

If you take action on the things you learn in the class, and do them consistently, this is what will happen:

You will gain a great audience that is inspired by your content

You will learn extremely valuable skills that will benefit everything you do in life

You will create a new passive income source from social media platforms

Your business and any other business you create will thrive due to the organic marketing

Your network will grow wildly, opening up new doors

What the course includes:

Unlimited lifetime access to our program consisting of 6 modules and hours of content that will take your personal brand to a whole new level. I am a huge believer that courses should include a lot of accountability – that is, it should not just be a bunch of videos with no actual assignments and action taking. I find that too many courses will give you the info, but won’t give you the push you need to actually get started and stay consistent.

Our program is designed to keep you on track for the entire 6 weeks, resulting in tangible results

Here is a breakdown of what we will cover:

Week 01
In the first week, you’ll be learning about what personal branding is, what it’s done for me and others and most importantly, what it can do for you. we will also be going over things you can start implementing into your life immediately and how you can succeed in this course. Once we’ve established the concept of personal branding, we’ll dive straight into how you can start building your very own loyal following, starting with your character. You’ll be doing a lot of brainstorming and deciding on who you are, what you do, and what your mission is. You’ll see tremendous results.
Week 01
Week 02
In the second week, we’ll be going over your content creation set-up as well as technical equipment you’ll need before you launch your personal brand. You’ll learn how to create your own logo, website, domain, and other things you need to set up your platforms with the proper branding. For equipment, you’ll learn how about must-have equipment, how to light a scene, and designing your dream set. By the end of week 2, you’ll also know how to produce high quality, and viral videos on TikTok that you can use to convert your audience to your other social media platform.
Week 02
Week 03
Week 3 is going to be about the remaining 2 platforms, Instagram and YouTube. You’ll end the week knowing exactly how each platform works, how you can succeed on them by creating viral content, and my step-by-step process for outputting content in the most efficient way possible. 97% of the money I make is from my YouTube and Instagram platforms, so this will be an important week of actionable content.
Week 03
Week 04
Week 4 is all about monetization and marketing, and how you can sell more products and services, make more money, and impact more people’s lives. You’ll be learning about the different methods of monetization on all 3 platforms, as well as how you can monetize your personal brand and anything you want with copywriting. I can see a lot of big personal brands out there monetizing inefficiently. This section will give you the tools needed to maximize revenue per follower.
Week 04
Week 05
Week 5 will be about automating and building a team around your personal brand. Hiring and training top-quality talent is one of the most important investments you can make in business, so by the end of this week you’ll learn exactly how to hire such talent. You’ll also learn how to automate your platforms and brand deals, using technology to collaborate and run your team from anywhere around the world.
Week 05
Week 06
The last week will involve pieces of information you need to put it all together. From how to meet other influential people, to doing taxes and incorporating your personal brand, you’ll have everything you need by the end of week 6 to spread your own wings and grow out there online! Our goal in this week is to set into stone the correct processes that will enable you to create consistently.
Week 06


Like I mentioned, I can give you the blueprint but I also want to make sure you actually follow through so we can get results. Therefore, there will be various homework assignments at the end of each module. Once you finish watching the videos, you will immediately be asked to complete the assignments and submit them to your success coach.


We found that by making you apply the learnings to actual actions, it resulted in much faster growth and success. We don’t have homework to be annoying, but rather to hold you accountable and get real results. At the end of each week, the next week’s modules will unlock.

Some modules will only contain worksheets to fill out, and some will actually have you create and publish content. Expect to spend varying amounts of time depending on the module!



Your success coach is your first point of contact and will be there for you if you have any questions, concerns, or more. We found that by providing you with a success coach, completion rates went through the roof, personal brands started sprouting up faster, and most importantly students felt like they had a more intimate learning experience.


We will also hold monthly Q&A sessions with me (Charlie) where I answer your questions. These will be held over Zoom with exact dates to be determined, with recordings available to watch later.


In addition, we will have a private Discord group where you can meet, network, and collaborate with other creators! A big part of the personal branding journey is meeting like-minded people along the way, and we are excited for this community to encourage just that. It also makes creating consistent content much easier 🙂


I need to reiterate that this is not just a course – it’s a full on personalized learning experience with actual accountability. Meaning, take action and you are guaranteed to have a personal brand up and running by the end of the 6 weeks!




The PRO+







Enrollment is currently open to a limited amount of new students. If you want to build a personal brand this year, I really encourage you to take action! It’s going to be life-changing.